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The best AI recruitment prompts.

by Matt Edge-Wilkins

15th Dec, 2023


AI is making a prominent feature in the recruitment process and I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with three specific prompts you can use in ChatGPT or other AI platforms to help you get the most value from it when recruiting in 2024.
Job Adverts
Write an engaging job advert for a (job title) vacancy for a (company type/sector). The advert needs to have an introductory paragraph that is friendly and creates curiosity. Below this paragraph should be a list bullet points, detailing the key skills and experience needed by the ideal candidate. The advert must also include the most Googled key words in this job role and sector to make it easy to find online.
Give me a list of 10 interview questions that I should ask a candidate who has applied for a (job title) in a (company type/sector). The questions should be sector and role specific and provide the interviewee with the best chance of showcasing why they make an ideal candidate for this vacancy.
Provide me with an effective onboarding strategy for a new (job title) in a (company type/sector). The onboarding strategy should include everything that a new employee would need in their first week of working as a (job title) in a (company type/sector) in order to feel welcome and engaged with the business.
Once you have used the above prompts and collated all the responses, you can then use further probing questions for the AI to create more specific responses that will better fit your role and company. Once you are happy with the results, these can act as a great foundation for writing your copy for each. You can then add your own company’s ‘tone of voice’ to finalise everything ready to be used.
I hope you find the above prompt tips useful.  For more detailed advice and guidance on anything recruitment related, either connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]

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