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How Covid has changed recruitment.

Cesca Abbott

11th Jul, 2022


We have taken the time to reflect on the past few years on how Covid has changed the way we work. For all of us this has been a time of uncertainty and drastic change at some point in this time frame. We have reviewed how Covid has affected candidates seeking jobs, companies looking to hire and recruiters acclimatising to the changing times.

Priorities and attitudes have certainly changed since the pandemic, overall, job seekers are wanting a better work life balance, more working benefits, and a more inclusive company culture. With more opportunities available than ever, job seekers can demand and expect more. We are noticing candidates are now prioritising what is important to them and how they want to work. High salaries are no longer as much of a ‘carrot’ with candidates now dismissing roles/companies out of hand if they don’t offer hybrid working, regardless of the salary level.

With so many companies recruiting (or trying to!), candidates have more choice than ever – often having 2 or 3 job offers to choose from. The recruitment industry largely came to a halt during the pandemic and now we are seeing the complete opposite.....when it comes to ‘live’ vacancies, the flood gates are well and truly open!

There has never been a better time to be a candidate, although there are some downsides too. The lack of a personal connection and interaction gained from face to face interviews can make it hard for new candidates to feel ‘at home’ when starting new jobs; with some having never been to the company’s office before starting their new role.....unheard of prior to the pandemic.


Companies are having to work harder to attract high quality talent. After a shortfall of hiring during the pandemic, the recruiting process has picked up again giving candidates more options for what they want and seek for a career. Companies are having to stand out from the crowd and find ways to attract new employees; whether it’s changing what they offer as a package, having to match increased salary expectations, or offering flexible or remote working.  Free fruit and a pool table is no longer cutting it!

With candidates demanding a higher salary due to the cost of living rising, it is crucial for companies to be transparent when advertising the job salary. According to careers site, four in five (78%) jobseekers are less likely to apply for a job vacancy that does not display a salary.

Not only is it challenging for companies to recruit new staff, they are having to also focus on retaining their employees too. Companies are now required to create a cultural environment that allows their employees the flexibility that has now become the ‘norm’ - whether that’s an increase of home working days, changing their office set up to more of a ‘hub’, or changing their salary and /or benefits in order to keep their staff happy, so they won’t be tempted to look elsewhere. According to HR Review those companies who are not acting on their employees’ needs is resulting to resignations; ‘67 percent of employees said they would be more likely to stay if employers listened and made changes based on their feedback.’


Recruiters and specialist Headhunters like us at Talent Seeker have never been in more demand than they are now. This is our time to shine and show our true expertise and added value as a key business partner. With candidates being more demanding than ever, it’s up to Recruiters to display their market expertise and negotiate win-win outcomes for clients and candidates alike.

On the upside, location is no longer a major barrier to sourcing the best talent.  Recruiters based away from the main cities (particularly in coastal towns) have traditionally had restricted talent pools to fish in.  Remote and hybrid working has largely removed this and we’re seeing out of city recruiters doubling and sometimes tripling their monthly billings...guess what?! Not all the best Recruiters and Headhunters are based in London!

There has also been a swift shift to video interviews as a result of the pandemic. This certainly has its positives and negatives. Video interviews can certainly be set up more easily, but it can be harder for candidates to show their true self, without the benefit of body language. Unless you’re the most outgoing of people, it can be hard to showcase passion and energy for an opportunity and company on a video call. According to (Monster) ‘89% of organisations are now recruiting virtually, but only 19% of them think it’s better than in-person.’

To summarise; like in many sectors, Covid has been a gamechanger for the Recruitment Industry! The working environment has not only changed dramatically, but rapidly. Whether it be from the candidate, company or recruiter’s perspective, we are all finding our feet in this new post Covid world and ever-changing times.

Can you relate to these changes?  Have you adapted to the effects of Covid?  Whether you are seeking a job or looking to grow and hire your team, get in touch with us and let us support you through the recruitment journey.

We would love to hear from you!

I hope you find the above useful. If you have any questions about the blog or would like to arrange a chat, please contact us at [email protected]

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